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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

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  • Time of issue:2020-09-14 10:46:04
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Always providing customers with quality products and services is a commitment to excellence by NovelBeam people.

The guiding principal of NovelBeam Quality Management System (QMS) is:

Continuously improve product performance  

Product performance offers a premise of continuous improvement of human health and life quality. Through consistent research and development to improve the optical performance of products, NovelBeam provides more opportunities and support to device and system performance.


Strictly control product risk

Risk in product and product realization will be carried forward to end user. NovelBeam embraces risk-based thinking and implements risk (including regulatory risk) assessments and controls through design to delivery, to meet regulatory requirements and ensure product safety.


Ensure product quality

The purpose of QMS is to achieve effective and efficient quality control. NovelBeam QMS is planned, implemented, reviewed and improved to systematically fulfill quality control requirements.


Fully meet customer requirements

Achieving customer satisfaction is the path to enterprise success. We work closely with customers and users to understand their requirements and ensure that customer needs are fulfilled from product design to delivery and after- delivery services.


Safety Policy

NovelBeam meets the highest standards of product safety regulations. Our product safety is US FDA compliant, FCC compliant (CFR 47 part), UL compliant (the Underwriter Laboratories Inc.), and CE compliant (EU), respectively.

NovelBeam products have been sold and recognized in US and European markets.